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 Tsukasa Hiiragi

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PostSubject: Tsukasa Hiiragi   Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:40 pm

Tsukasa Hiiragi (柊 つかさ, Hiiragi Tsukasa?)Voiced by: Mai Nakahara (drama CD), Kaori Fukuhara (anime), Michelle Ruff (English)Tsukasa is the younger fraternal twin
sister of Kagami and lives in a six-member family household with her
parents. She is in the same class as Konata. While she is not good at
studying or sports, she excels in cooking. She is portrayed as the
stereotypical friendly, good-natured but clumsy person. She is often
portrayed as an airhead
who is unreliable and is always compared to her twin sister, who
generally does better than her in most areas. It is often implied that
Tsukasa is unable to follow the gist of complex conversations. Tsukasa
will often ask her older sister for help on her homework, though it
usually does not make much of a difference. She is also known for
having her hair in the same style as Akari Kamigishi from To Heart, something hinted at frequently in the series.[6]
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Tsukasa Hiiragi
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